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 somethink news ?

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somethink news ? Empty
PostSubject: somethink news ?   somethink news ? Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 2:34 pm

hi,what's news about server ? Smile

I want to play, I looked for new server, where I can play.. But when I did start play in anyone server (I tested 8 servers)..in all servers I remember think about l2 hexwail - nice events, daily events, super,active,friendly,helpfully GMs and little nice community somethink news ? Icon_smile and nice rates (only PVP),nice enchant (42% I think somethink news ? Icon_razz ) no lags, all be best ! The Hexwail is one of the best servers where I every play in 2 years and 6 months ! somethink news ? Icon_smile
I love this server and these GMs somethink news ? Icon_wink

I don't want to start play in other server ! ! !
I can say only one - This is the best beginning l2j server where I ever play! ..I disslike l2j becouse it's only a lot of lags and bugs.. I can't say, this server is not bugged.. but I can say LAGS = 0 here! !!! This is only second l2j without bugs where I ever play! last server,where I played,was l2j,very lagged (much players on ? ) but this is NIIIIICEEEE !!!!

So,fu*k wipe, don't need your won/donate items, make another after wipe and make good geme again into this server ! Razz

VOTE FOR L2 HEXWAIL AND HAVE A FUN HERE ! <(^^)> somethink news ? Icon_king somethink news ? Icon_razz
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somethink news ?
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